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Top tips for selling your home

Top tips for selling your home

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We are regularly asked these questions about selling property, so here are some useful tips – along with some popular guides to help you with your valuable research. 

When is the best time to put my house on the market?

We can find a buyer for a good property at any time of the year.  If your home has seasonal appeal such as a pretty spring garden, it might be worth waiting until then, but more often than not it’s best to get on with it!  In recent years house buying has become less seasonal. 

How can I make sure my house appeals to buyers?

A well-presented home will sell faster and reach a higher price.  Start by de-cluttering.  Put excessive belongings, and furniture into storage and you’ll make your home look bigger.  Tidy up the garden and make sure the front of the home creates the right impression - including the front door. 

Do pre-sale repairs and renovations pay off?

A fresh coat of paint in a neutral colour gives a great impression and shows your house has been well maintained.  If a room is dark, look for simple and effective ways to make it lighter. We can help you further on this. 

Is it worth hiring a home stylist?

In countries like America and Australia it’s very common to hire a ‘home stylist’. Evidence shows you can sell quicker and at a higher price.  If your home is empty, unoccupied and looks un-loved it’s worth considering hiring the right furniture and accessories.  Remember you are selling a lifestyle and not just a home!  If styling your property is a consideration, then we can recommend some great local companies that offer this service. 

Don’t just take our advice, here are some useful guides for you



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